Manufacturer of Detergents for cleaning and disinfection of Oil Mills industry

The quality of a good oil in any Oil Mill company, is fully related to the process of cleaning the machines and the methods to be used according to the cleaning requirements. Establishing intelligent cleaning protocols, choosing the suitable products and a dosing system adjusted to your needs, is the task of the Quimica Masul technician. At Quimica Masul, we will take special care in giving your employees the best training specifically designed for your industry.

To the quality of our products for the oil mills industry, we add the responsibility of training the best professionals in the oil mills industry. Efficiently solving problems in the production of a good oil is our added value to improve the quality of your oil. For this, we will advise you on which products to use to make the precise cleaning of the different machineries of your expensive installation profitable. We will also suggest the order of the cleaning and disinfection of your installations, in order to ensure your facilities are better valued.

In our catalog you will find a series of alkaline, neutral, or acid products approved by the Spanish Health regulations that will give you the result you are looking for.